• Anupong dodges criticism in speed gun fiasco

    Oct 20, 2017 | 20:19 pm

    Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda, who signed a controversial procurement proposal for handheld laser speed detectors worth almost 600 million baht, says he was not aware of the pricing of the devices.

  • Mourners treated to final rehearsals

    Oct 20, 2017 | 19:33 pm

    The public can watch the final rehearsal of the processions for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej's royal cremation ceremony this weekend in Bangkok.

  • Locals around Phong River go on high alert

    Oct 20, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    People living near the Phong River have been urged to move their belongings to higher ground as quickly as possible as the Ubolratana dam in Khon Kaen on Friday stepped up water discharges following huge inflows.

  • Bangkok's secret weapon in war against floods

    Oct 20, 2017 | 17:00 pm

    When the torrential rains of Oct 13 caused heavy flooding in Bangkok, several parts of the city were swamped, including Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park in Sam Yan. However, as the park slowly filled with water, Kotchakorn Voraakhom, the landscape architect who designed the project, remained unconcerned. She even expressed her satisfaction in a Facebook post that the park had finally...

  • Five killed in Myanmar jade clash

    Oct 20, 2017 | 10:24 am

    YANGON: Police in northern Myanmar opened fire on hundreds of local residents who tried to enter a jade mine, killing at least five and injuring 20 others, state media said on Friday. Five policemen were also reportedly hurt.

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